Services and facilities

After almost 20 years of experience we offer a broad range of general medical practice services. If you have any questions you can contact us for more information.

  • Hotel and home visits

    On request

  • Laboratory analyses

    For blood and urine tests

  • Thrombosis service

    To determine the INR value / QuickTest

  • Vaccination

    The annual influenza vaccination, hepatitis

  • Earwax removal

  • Drip application

    With dehydration

  • Monthly pregnancy control

  • ECG examination

    With heart problems

  • Small surgical and orthopedic operations

    For example to sew a wound or to cut a plaster

  • Inhalation For the treatment of asthmatic patients

  • Bladder – Catheter insertion and / or- change

  • Cervical examination


  • Medical certificates for driving, sports medicine, etc

  • For more information and appointments

    Do not hesitate to ask; we will look for the best solution.

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